Some info about our club

The senior club is responsible for all Mens and Womens football from the Under 17’s through to Masters.

The Club has 10 men’s and 2 Women’s team representing our club. The Club’s philosophy has always been to encourage anyone who wants to play football and we would find a team which suited their abilities.  As a result, the Tawa first men’s team plays in highest levels in Capital Football’s competition with the next 5 teams playing across the various Capital Football grades. We also have four teams in Masters grades representing the over 35 ‘s and beyond.

While the club draws a large number of its members from the local area it has a reputation for readily welcoming newcomers no matter their skill level.

The Club is headquartered at Redwood Park where its clubrooms are situated and floodlit training facilities are at Grenada North Park. In addition, the first and second teams use artificial turf one night a week for training.


Womens Football

Super star ladies of the game

We proudly boast a wonderful culture in the Women’s game and are hoping to grow it further. We have two teams competing in Women’s 1 and Women’s 3. They are a proud bunch of ladies that play hard on and off the field.

They train once a week and are highly competitive each and every game they play! Our ladies are real assets to the club by assisting with club days, junior mentoring & coaching.

Come and join our wonderful ladies teams today!

Senior Registrations

All the info you need to register!

The Senior’s registration link is Here

MyComet Login

If you have played football before, for any club, and do not know how to login please DO NOT click on the blue ‘Sign up’ link as this will create a duplicate registration within MyCOMET. Click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link or contact Capital Football ( for further assistance.

Registering in MyCOMET.

MyCOMET is an online player management system implemented by NZ Football for all NZ Football Clubs and is the players portal into the COMET system.

If you played last year and haven’t received an email, please contact the Club here.

  • New football players (never played for a NZ club before) will need to create a MyCOMET profile before registering.  Please contact the club for guidance on this.
  • ALL players must register through MyCOMET to the Club before being able to play football for Tawa Football.  This requirement will be the same for any club you wish to join to play football.
  • A player can only be registered to one Club at a time.  If you are transferring to Tawa Football from another Club, the transfer will be managed through MyCOMET.

You will be able to pay at the time of registration through MyCOMET by Credit Card (please note: this will incur a 2.5% administration fee), or you can select the ‘pay later’ option.  Please note that all registration fees are required to be paid, or payment arrangements made with the Treasurer, by 14th April each year.

Alternative ways to pay are:

  • Internet banking direct to the Tawa Football bank account:

ANZ Bank, Tawa AFC – 01 0553 0090747-00
Please include the player’s name, the year subs are for & “Subs” so your payment can be reconciled against your registration.

  • Post a cheque to Tawa Football, P.O. Box 51066, Tawa 5028, Wellington.
  • Cash, Cheque and EFTPOS payments can be accepted at the Redwood Clubrooms.

If you have any questions regarding registrations, please don’t hesitate to send an email.

For additional information on the MyCOMET system, please click here for the MyCOMET help page.

Senior Club Contacts

Our Senior Team

Ben Turner

Ben Turner


Jan Lang

Jan Lang

Interim Vice President/Secretary

Jamie Nicolas

Jamie Nicolas


Billy Smith

Billy Smith

Senior Club Captain

Richie Martin

Richie Martin

Senior Mens Coach

Malcolm Davidson

Malcolm Davidson

Junior Club Captain