How do I join the Club (register a player)?

To join the Club as a player each person needs to be registered using the online registration system before they can play in a team.  Registration will be through the MyCOMET system.

Once the registration is completed, you will be contacted by your Grade Coordinator with information about the season.

Subscriptions are required for each player and may be paid at time of registration via credit card or later using internet banking.  These subs allow the Club to provide the equipment for all the teams, pay for coaching courses so the coaches know how to develop the players, pay the Capital Football/NZ Football levy and meet the other costs of running the Junior Club.  The Club is run by volunteers so all funds received go towards providing the game for the players.

What grade will my child play in during the 2020 season?

  • First Kicks (born between 2014 – 2016)
  • Fun Football – 7th and 8th grade (born between 2012 – 2013)
  • Mini Football – 9th -12th grade (born between 2008 – 2011)
  • Youth Football – 13th and 14th/15th grade (born between 2005 – 2007)

A player’s grade matches their age at the end of December 2020, so if a player turns 11 during the year (i.e. born during the calendar year of 2009) they will play in 11th grade for the 2020 season.

Girls may choose to play in their age grade, or a grade lower.  In the mixed Saturday leagues or the Girls Only League (Sunday) or both.

Please refer to the “Programmes” page for more information on each grade.

Children in year 9-10 have the option to play for the Junior Club or to play for their High Schools / Colleges. From 15-16 year of age most children will play for their school team. We hope they will return to the Club and play for an U17s, U19s or Seniors team once their college education is over.

Can my child play up or down a grade?

In line with Regulation 3, section 2.2 of the Capital Football Junior Playing Regulations and other junior football clubs from the Capital Football region, Tawa Junior Football requires male players to play in their correct age grade, or in the case of girls they may play one grade below their age grade.  This allows children to play against players from other teams of a like size and skill ability.
There are some exceptions to this:

> Once registrations have closed, any grades that have a large number of players per team (e.g. 4 or 5 subs) may have some players moved up/down a grade to form a combined team.

> In exceptional circumstances a player demonstrating elite ability may be given dispensation to play up at the discretion of the Junior Club Captain and Capital Football.

> Players who have a physical or learning disability may play in a lower grade suitable for their ability, with the approval of the Junior Club Captain and Capital Football.

Each exception or approved dispensation will be for the current season only and will be reviewed the following year.  

Each individual dispensation or exception to play up or down a grade is required to be submitted to and approved by Capital Football.

What if our game is cancelled or transferred?

Cancellations will be placed by Capital Football on the their website. Click here to go through to the Capital Football fixtures page.  You will need to click on the Cancellation button and then scroll through the drop down menu to find your appropriate grade/division that your team plays in. Cancellations (where possible) will also be posted on the this website and the Club’s Facebook pages.

Which grounds will my child be playing at?

First Kicks (4-6yrs) is played on Saturday mornings (9.00-10.00) on the main field at Grenada North Park.  Entrance is off Nassau Ave, opposite 10/12 Nassau Ave.  Park in the carpark and walk past the buildings to the main ground (the small fields in the center of the image below).

Fun Football (7th-8th grades) is also played on Saturday mornings (9.00 – 10.00) at the Grenada North #1 field. Every third week you will travel to either Johnsonville, Karori or Whitby for a ‘Festival Day’ where our teams play against other Club’s teams. The playing schedules for the Festival Days will be advised 2 or 3 days prior to the weekend.

Mini and Youth Football 9th-14th grades) ground venue and playing times will be available from the Capital Football website.

In the image above;
– Grades 9 & 10 play on the four fields (F1 – F4) off Caribbean Drive. (top of the image)
– Grades 11 and 12 play on the two fields (F5 & F6) up past the main field (bottom of the image)

Training is generally conducted on the fields at Grenada North on the middle / main field or at the Club’s Indoor Training center at Grenada Park.  Your teams’ Coach will advise the location and time.

Information for Ground closures can be accessed HERE

Capital Football has updated its website with three links which will take you to the sports ground branch of the Wellington City Council, Porirua City Council and Kapiti and Coast District Council websites. (Click here to go to the ‘updated’ Capital Football webpage.)
From these links you can simply type in or select the park you need from the dropdown box and it will show the ground on a map as well as highlight the ground number you are looking for. The maps on these sites are right up to date and should eliminate any confusion that arose from the old maps on our website.

The Hutt Parks are still linked on this page as there is no search ground function on the Hutt City Council website

Who has to trial? When are trials held?

Tawa Junior Football runs trials each year for all players from the 9th to 14th grades to identify which players are placed into which teams. Players will be trialed according to their age grade.

Trial dates for 2020 will be in the week of 2-8th March on the Grenada North top field.

Further details for each grade will be announced in the new year.


Teams playing in the 9th and 10th grades play 7 aside.
Teams playing in the 11th and 12th grades play 9 aside.
Teams playing in the 13th and 14th grades play 11 aside.

The Club aims to identify players of even playing abilities but the process is complex because the judgement is subjective and will depend upon the player and the assessors.

In order to most fairly identify players, we will utilise:

  • At least two assessors observing the pre-season trial games
  • Assessment from the Club’s Junior Development Coach where he has observed players during Skill Development and Academy sessions.
  • Feedback on players from last year’s coaches where applicable.

While some selection decisions will always be debatable, the Club believes the processes are robust enough and put us in a strong position to provide a fair and reasonable outcome on the placement of each player.

What uniform is required? Where do I purchase from?

The Club requires all players from 7th grade up to wear a Tawa Club playing uniform.  This consists of red shorts, red socks, football boots, shin pads and a playing shirt.
First Kicks (4 – 6 year olds) can wear any appropriate shorts and socks plus the First Kicks T-shirt purchased through the Club supplier – this is currently football central.  While boots are not required, they are recommended during the colder wetter months to help protect the feet.

Shirt – the Club supplies an approved football shirt for all players 7th grade and above. These remain the property of the club and are required to be returned at the end of the season. Please take care of your shirt as you may be invoiced the cost of a new shirt if yours is lost or damaged.

Shorts and socks – players from 7th grade and above will need to provide their own red shorts and red socks.

First Kicks players – all players are strongly encouraged to wear a personalised named t-shirt for their uniform, purchased through the Club.  There is a one off cost for this when first joining and we encourage parents to choose a size that will ideally last the players two years.  The t-shirt is yours to keep and wear as you want.

Shin pads – these are compulsory at all levels from First Kicks and are to be worn underneath socks.

The supplier of uniform for Tawa Junior Football is Football Central which is located at the top of Tory Street, the other side of the carpark from The Warehouse.  You can purchase either in store or from their website HERE.  There may be an opportunity before the season starts when Football Central will bring a selection of clothing, shin pads and boots out to the Redwood clubrooms for parents to purchase directly.

Tawa Football Hoodies

The Junior Club introduced a red hoodie a number of years back and these were very successful.  In 2019 we updated the hoodies with the asistance of our supplier Football Central.

The hoodies can be ordered at any time but are produced in blocks when sufficient orders have been received.

The hoodies come in range of different sizes. (Chest measurement is when hoodie is lying flat, armpit to armpit).
> Youth Small (YS) which is 36cm chest – this is a good size for our First Kicks kids.
> 6 (45cm) Approx age 5 year old child
> 8 (46cm)
> 10 (48cm)  Approx age 8 year old child
> 12 (50cm)
> 14 (52cm)
> 16 (52cm, longer body)
Adults sizes (adult hoodies have zips down the front).
> Adult Small (56cm, zip length 61cm)
> Adult Medium (59cm, zip length 63cm)
> Adult Large and X-Large sizes are also available

The hoodies are available through and from Football Central.

Where can I find contact details for the Grade Co-ordinator's / Grade Managers?

The Grade Co-ordinators / Grade Managers are responsible for overseeing the smooth running of an age grade within the junior club and to act as a communication link between the Junior Club Captain, the Coaches and the parents. If you are interested in finding out more about this role, please email ( for further information.

To email any of the Grade Coordinators, please refer to the Team Contacts page under the Juniors area.

Internet Banking - Bank Account

If you have selected the ‘Pay Later’ option for any products that you have placed in your MyCOMET cart, or wish to make any internet banking payment to the Club, the account number is

010553 0090747-50
ANZ Johnsonville,
Tawa Football Junior

Please include the players name and a short description of the payment (ie “2020 Rego Sub”) so we can reconcile your payment back to the players account.

Capital Football Regulations

2020 Capital Football Regulations

Capital Football regularly publish updated players regulations. Please click on the following link to access the Regulation.  Additional regulation links are available from the Coaches page.

In 2019 a retreating line was added up to grade 12. The capital football website outlines this.

Tawa AFC Policies and Club Guidelines

Please click here to go to the page which contains the Clubs Policies and Guidelines. These include:

  • Code of Conduct / Fair Play
  • Privacy Policy
  • Anti-harassment policy
  • Payments Information
  • Keeping the Children safe
  • Parents pledge of conduct

What does the Club expect from our players?

  • Respect the authority of the referee
  • Play within the laws of the game at all times
  • Do not blame the referee for your mistakes
  • Do not lose your temper and take the laws into your own hands
  • Do not over react to fouls committed against you
  • Do not attempt to get opponents into trouble by appealing excessively

What does the Club expect from our parents?

  • Be mindful that young people are involved in this sport for their enjoyment
  • We have a joint responsibility to ensure that all players play by the rules
  • Teamwork and effort are as important as winning
  • Accept losing without undue disappointment
  • Never ridicule or shout at a player for making a mistake. Praise them or please remain quiet
  • If you disagree with a match official’s decision, raise the issue though the appropriate channels, please do not question their judgment or their honesty in public
  • Show respect for your team’s opponents, supporters and coaches
  • Respect all club or ground facilities regardless of playing home or away
  • Please remember, and respect, that your club is run by volunteers who give their time freely.

Sideline behaviour and how best to support our players?

We highly recommend watching this video
We ask parents to please provide positive and supportive encouragement for our children. Picking up on the key message in the video perhaps a good motto for our junior club would be “We Love to Watch You Play”.

A note reiterating NZ Football's Code of Conduct

  • Abuse of any type will not be tolerated
  • Please demonstrate and model appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language, sexist attitudes, bullying, harassing players, coaches or officials.
  • Physical abuse of any sort has a zero tolerance level both on or off the field and will be dealt with accordingly
  • Help to remove all forms of verbal and physical abuse from the game

Unfortunately failure to comply with this code may result in the club or Capital Football taking disciplinary action(s) in accordance with its policies and/or the code of conduct of NZ Football.

What is the Whole of Football Plan (WoFP)?

New Zealand Football has developed guidelines and supporting material to help clubs deliver junior football programmes that are matched to the needs of young players. This set of guidelines is called the Junior Framework and is the first stage of the Whole of Football Plan.

The Junior Framework ensures that every child entering the game will take part in training and games that are tailored to his or her stage of football development – physical, mental, emotional/social and technical/tactical. Drawing on proven football development programmes from around the world, the Junior Framework provides children with a fun and rewarding experience at every stage, while developing their skills as football players.


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