The following information is provided to help answer any queries you may have regarding the MyCOMET system.  It will be added to over time.


MyCOMET login information (existing player / new player)


Existing Player

Existing Players will have received an email with their MyCOMET user name and password (email example below)  Click on the MYCOMET LOGIN box in the email to display the login screen.  Enter Username and Password from email.

Existing Player – NO EMAIL RECEIVED – contact Capital Footbal ( for your login information.

Existing player – transferring to another Club, refer ‘Transfers’ section following.



New Player


A player registering to play football for the first time

Click this link or copy and paste it into your web address bar




Click on the “Sign up” link on the bottom of the login screen.  This will take you to a new screen (example below) where you will be able to create a MyCOMET profile.



Example email from NZ Football with your MyCOMET login ID and password

This image is an example of the email that existing players will have received from NZ with there MyCOMET login ID and password.

NZ Football email – MYCOMET login

Transferring Players

Information on the process for a player to transfer in to or to another Club will be displayed here in due course.

MyCOMET Overview

Please click on the link to view a NZ Football document on the overview of MyComet

MyCOMET Overview

MyCOMET Purchasing Products

Please click on the link to view a NZ Football document on the overview of purchasing a product in MyComet

MyCOMET – Purchasing an Item