Reduction in Subs

I know it’s been a crazy time but congratulations on Level 1 and with it a Reduction in subs for Tawa. We all welcome the freedom that it brings within our borders and it’s super exciting to be back playing football. It was great to see people in the club again with seniors last week. I can’t wait to see our star-studded juniors take the field this week.

What have we been doing?

During this time your committee’s and representatives have toiled hard in the background to get this season up and running. One of the major focuses is how we ease the financial burden of playing the game while the economy continues to suffer at the hands of COVID19. Capital football has reduced our costs to a small extent and we have managed to find other ways to pass through reductions in fees.

Across all of our members that looks very different and, there are many options about how we might make that happen. You will get specifics through your managers and Age Grade Coordinators in the coming days.

We will change Comet and update our registration pages with the updates once everyone has been contacted.

When will subs need to be made?

To make these sort of things possible it is important that subs are paid prior to the 30th of June. If your payments are late, our cash flow is reduced and can lead to issues with meeting payment deadlines. Let’s get it all paid up by the 30th of June!

We understand that the economy is hurting from the COVID19 pandemic. In turn, our members and supporters are going to be affected too. We want to support everyone as much as we can and so if there are any issues get in touch. We can work on a plan together and make sure that the game we love is available to all!