Food for thought

Come and try our new food – we think you will like it.

Over the past couple of years, we have heard that some more food options would be good. Not just for us, but for our spectators or families. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pie but maybe something different now and then when you just want something new.

What should we do

That is up to you as members and the people that come to the club. We have taken some of the ideas that have been communicated so far and we are going to slowly try them over the coming weeks. This year can be the trial. These options can be the start of making the menu amazing. We have to be practical about what those options are as we don’t want to be throwing away food. We don’t want the menu to be so complicated we need a fleet of chefs to make it. If you have any ideas, let your manager or coach know. Even better, pop in and tell us what you think in person.

What are we doing in the kitchen

Last week we trialled a couple of things which we will keep on the menu for a bit and see how they go. We have a few more ideas which we will introduce as the season goes on. The things that we trialled last week were:

  • Bacon & Egg Panini
  • Filled Rolls both Ham and Chicken

One thing that we are trialling for the spectators is “Sideline Soup”. Simple soup in a cup that you can take down and support your favourite team with. Grab a cup at half time. Last week and this week we are going for Pumpkin, Coconut & Coriander. If this sounds like you come and grab a cup to keep the hands warm while out in the cold.

For those that aren’t sure, talk to our top club man Steve Romijn about what he thought… We caught him licking the cup clean last week

How are we doing it

We are trialling a couple of things and the first things were out last week. There are a few more ideas and what we will do is introduce new ones to try and give some food alternatives. We don’t want to provide what you don’t want so ensure that you let us know what is good and what is not worth it.

Look forward to seeing you at Redwood. Try the food, you wont regret it!