Tawa trains again

We are excited to announce that our teams can hit the fields again!

WCC and Tawa have agreed a safe way to train again. There are a couple of things that we still have to do. That being said, the blistering speed of chasing down a through ball can once again be had. Pleased for all of us to get back out there with our mates to play the game.

Few things that we have to do:

  • Training groups can not be more than 10: If you have 15, split into 2 groups. Make sure those groups don’t swap or change. They must maintain 2m social distancing
  • Sanitise our hands: Tawa have purchased plenty of sanitiser for all teams junior and senior. If in doubt, SANITISE. Sanitise before and after training
  • Contact Tracing: For now, a paper form will be circulated around. We are registering for iDMe, the New Zealand Football app. We only need one, if worried though lets use both. With the paper forms, please take a photo after every training and send to admin@tawafootball.org.nz
  • Wash the equipment: Keep the equipment clean and don’t share the equipment between groups of 10

These are all in line with the guidance of MoH and the government. We think these are prudent steps for us to stay safe during this time. I am so very pleased to be able to hit the football pitch again and I hope you are too!