Tawa AFC the year ahead

Hi All,

AGM complete, officers & reps agreed – 2019 looming and looking like a good one!

Just a few messages regarding the year ahead as it’s going to be an exciting year with lots of opportunities.


The season is just around the corner and therefore it is time to get people and teams sorted. I will be in touch shortly to confirm team registrations and the 2019 year – watch this space. Registration is an important way that we as a committee can see if we are going to have the numbers to field the teams. Please register through MyComet, if you can’t remember you MyComet ID then use the forgot password / username or email me at president@tawafootball.org.nz and we can get you sorted.

This year it’s all about our services for members so we are going to work tirelessly to continue to improve the user experience from 4 – 80 through Tawa AFC. I have got a great group of people around me look forward to hearing from us regularly about what we can do to bring the best possible member experience!

2019 AGM

That being said we had the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 25th of February and although an AGM has quite of bit of administrative (less exciting) parts, it was great to see a good number there to share their views. One of the key parts of the AGM is assigning the officers who help ensure the club continues to operate. I would like to thank the outgoing 5 members of the committee:

  • Paul Gunn: held the post of Junior Club Captain where he contributed over a number of years in more than just this role. He fulfilled the promises that I asked of him during a period of intense change and left the role in September, at the end of the 2018 year.
  • Shannon Doyle: held the post of Senior Club Captain. His contributions has been much appreciated in ensuring the Senior Club could operate and succeed in trying times
  • Jennifer Nicholas: held the post of Women’s Rep where she contributed over a number of years to provide for the club in many facets beyond just the women’s game
  • Anna Scott: Held the post of Treasurer where she provided expert financial advice over the past year to ensure our financial sustainability could be maintained
  • Kevin Walker: held the post of Senior rep where he was a valuable contributor of which we hope he can maintain despite being not maintaining his representative position.
  • Graham Phillips: held the role of College Representative and it was a real loss to have Graham pass last year to an illness he battled for some time. he was a passionate contributor for a number of years

Incoming we have 8 new faces which I am sure will do their respective roles justice and build on the phenomenal work of their predecessors. I would formally like to welcome the following:

  • Junior Club Captain: John Langham (temporary role holder from Sept 2018)
  • Senior Club Captain: Billy Smith – who will bring his typical enthusiasm
  • Women’s Representative: Leanne Stubbing
  • Treasurer: Jamie Nicholas
  • Senior Representative: Leon Raeburn
  • College Representative: Tim Cockle
  • Junior Representatives: Malcolm Davidson & Steve Romijn

Further thanks to our re-elected members:

  • Vice President: Brian Mann
  • Secretary: Jan Lang
  • Senior Representatives: Barry Tasker, Richard Mowbray & Chris Munro
I think this is going to be an amazing year and I look forward to working with all members, communities and sponsors to ensure that Tawa continues to be the fantastic club that it is.