COVID 19, Tawa & Training

Wow what a year 2020 is turning out to be. I hope everyone is keeping well and looking after themselves through the COVID crisis. I want to provide as much information as I to share with you what Tawa is doing to keep our community safe in the transition back to football.

Tawa AFC doesn’t endorse any training under level 2 until the 25th of May. We are going to review this regularly and will update you as things change. There are many things that we must do as a club to get approval prior to starting club training.

When we do get back to it – There will be comprehensive contact tracing for both Training & Games and we continue to work with Capital Football, Wellington City Council, New Zealand football and Sport NZ to see what that looks like. When I know, you will know! The important part is that our members, players, spectators, referees, coaches, families and communities remain safe as we return to the game we love. Here is the NZF guidance for Level 2

At this stage – the start of the season has a couple of options that were outlined by Capital football on Monday night although Tuesday and Wednesday bought further updates that changed the view:

  • 30th of May – we hope for a start on the 30th of May, but my best guess is this is terribly unlikely given Government updates from Tuesday and NZF update from Wednesday
  • 6th of June – This is more likely which is 2 weeks after the update to Mass gatherings limit updates from the Government
  • 13th July – if I was a betting man this is where my money would be just due for the time it takes to get things rolling.

None of these are confirmed and we all know things change everyday as interpretations are clarified and rules change. We will be updating you as regularly as possible to keep you in the loop.

Key thing is if you intend on playing or are interested in playing for Tawa. Get into MyComet and register, the sooner the better – we have to give an updated team list to Capital football as soon as we can to play so ensure that your information is up to date in comet and get in touch with the Tawa team if you have any issues.

Fees and any discounts that are being applied to applications have been outlined but we don’t know what that will look like until the season is confirmed

At this stage our clubrooms and facilities will remained closed until it is safe and practical to open them up to members.

What can you do now at level 2 – dust off a ball and kick it with Mum and Dad. Practice juggling and passing in the back yard. We will get some hints and tips from some of our top players on what that looks like and share that with you. I know a few of our senior members are staying fit with runs and bike rides. These are all good – please do it safely. Its not a time to get too adventurous but a run or getting your foot on the ball by hitting a ball into the fence is fine – Kids ask your parents first! We don’t want any broken windows J

We want to do some social things to build our club connections – so check out Facebook pages (Tawa all & Juniors) and the website as we will have some events coming through on VC to bring us back to engaging together. They will be fun and interactive and would love to have as many people involved as possible.

Watch this space as we continue to update you