Thank you to the volunteers to have put their hand up to coach, referee or manage a team this season. We hope that the time and effort you commit to your team will turn out to be a rewarding experience by the time the season finishes.  Please know that your hard work is appreciated and crucial to the success of our club.


Updated Ground Information and Closures

Please use this link to the Capital Football website for information on playing grounds.

Alternatively here is a link to the Wellington City Council website for Sportsgrounds. (Note; this link only covers Wellington City, It does not provide information to Porirua or Hutt Valley grounds.  Use the Capital Football website link above to access.)

Wellington City Council link to check the status of grounds – “open or closed”.


Where will my team train during the week?

Our main outdoor training ground is the field at Grenada North Park.

When Wellington City Council closes any grounds due to weather, The fields will be unavailable for training.

The indoor training room at Grenada North is available through a booking system. A key and security code will be required which is available from your Age Grade Co-ordinator.  It is the responsibility of the Coach or Manager of the first team training to obtain the key and open up room. The last Coach of the day is responsible for turning off lights, setting the alarm and locking the training room. The building’s security alarm is monitored by Wellington City Council. In the event that the Council is called out to check if the alarm is not set correctly, the club may be charged a call out fee.  The Club retains the right to pass this cost on to the last team using the facility.

Coaches are to encourage the players not to use the side walls to hit the footballs against as this damages the balls.


Training ground Calendar

The calendar for Grenada North park showing when teams have requested training times is displayed below.

For the indoor training center at Grenada North Park, bookings are not guaranteed weekly as this is a shared resource which has to be shared across all teams.  Teams requesting a training time are required to make a booking and may be no longer than 60mins.

To request a training time, at either location, please email with the team name, date, start time, length of time requested and the Coaches cell phone contact number.


Tawa School Training Schedule 

TIME Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4.00-4.30 pm
4.30-5.00 pm
5.00-5.30 pm
5.30-6.00 pm
6.00-6.30 pm
6.30-7.00 pm
7.00-7.30 pm
7.30-8.00 pm
8.00-8.30 pm


What do I need to know about Coaching Courses?

A key component of the Whole of Football Plan is coach education and development.

Capital Football offers a range of courses for junior coaches. The Club expects all coaches and managers to attend the ‘Introduction to Coaching’ course. This is an excellent course and the manual provided, is a valuable resource. The club can arrange with Capital Football to run an ‘Introduction to Coaching’ course at a local venue if there are sufficient numbers.

As a Club we support coaches attending these courses and will pay the relevant course fees. Please contact your Age Grade Coordinator to register your interest.

All Coaches with teams playing in Premier Leagues (from 10th grade upwards) are required to have completed a Level 1 Coaching course. Coaches responsible for the first team of any grade are further encouraged to have achieved a Stage 2 Coaching course by the time their team starts the 12th grade.

Who do I contact for Coaching advise or help?

You can either contact your Age Grade Coordinator or the Junior Club Captain.

Capital Football information on Coaching > link to CF webpage


FIFA 11+

The Club is promoting a new programme called FIFA 11+ as part of team training and warm up sessions prior to Saturday games.  All coaches are encouraged to use the program to develop and support their players.

From the Capital Football webpage the following information is provided:


The FIFA 11+ is a complete warm up programme designed to reduce injuries among female and male players. Developed by an international group of experts the programme should be performed as a standard warm-up at the start of each training session at least twice a week by team coaches. The FIFA 11+ takes around 20 minutes to complete.

It has been scientifically validated and has been proven to reduce the risk of all injury by 30% and severe injuries by 50%.


The programme is designed to replace a traditional warm-up.  It is divided into three parts with a total of of 15 exercises.  It is easy to learn and only takes between 15-20 minutes to complete.   Part one of the programme involves some slow speed running, active stretching and some controlled partner contacts.  Part two involves a number of exercises to improve core and leg strength, plyometrics and balance.  There are three levels of difficulty for these exercises.  The final component involves further running exercises.  These are done at a higher level of intensity and involve change of direction.  The injury prevention benefit is seen when the programme is done twice a week (or more).


For more information click here to go link through to the FIFA 11+ website or contact the Junior Club Captain.


Who do I contact to get football gear for my team?

Your main point of contact in the first instance will be the club’s Gear Co-ordinator



Gear and Equipment for my team

Playing shirts

7th and 8th grade players will be supplied with a playing shirt for use during the season.  These shirts will either be Red or Blue playing shirts. This shirt must be returned to the team Coach or Manager at the end of the playing season and then returned to the Club.

All players from 9th grade to 14th grade are supplied a Red playing shirt for use during the season. This shirt must be returned to the team Coach or Manager at the end of the playing season.

Occasionally your team will play an opposition wearing similar coloured tops.  If you are the “away team” for that day then Coaches must use the alternative playing strips (bibs) that have been provided to the team or are available from either the Gear Coordinator or your Grade Coordinator.

Your team will be provided with:

  • Gear Bag
  • Playing Strip; one shirt per player
  • Footballs; one training ball for each member of the team plus a match ball and ball bag
  • Bibs
  • Goalie shirt and a pair of gloves, 9th grade and up. (Note: some Goalies may prefer to provide and use their own gloves)
  • Small first aid kit
  • Ball pump
  • Whistle
  • Training cones / disks
  • Coaches jacket (on request)

Also available from the indoor training room are inflatable “Airgoal” goals, agility poles and agility ladders.  Please contact the Gear Coordinator for further details.

What size ball are used for different ages?

  • First Kicks to 8th Grade (Ball Size 3)
  • 9th Grade to 13th Grade (Ball Size 4)
  • 14th Grade (Ball Size 5)


Do I have to attend courses to be a Referee?

Yes, courses are run by Capital Football during the year for all new and current referees.  As a club we are keen to support our referees so they can attend training courses and have allocated funding for this purpose.  We encourage our referees to start at the junior grades to gain experience over a longer period of time.

Upcoming Referee courses can be found HERE on the Capital Football website.


Tawa AFC Policies and Club Guidelines

Please click here to go to the page which contains the Clubs Policies and Guidelines. These include, but not limited to:

> Code of Conduct / Fair Play
> Privacy Policy
> Anti-harassment policy
> Keeping the Children safe
> Parents pledge of conduct
> Tournaments Policy


Sideline Behaviour and how best to support our players

Occasionally players will opt to stop playing the sport they love due to behaviour on the sideline and the after game discussions by both parents and coaches.

This article explains how to positively act on the sideline and a proper way to engage with the kids after the game, to ensure that they continue to enjoy playing the game.

We highly recommend watching this video

We ask parents to please provide positive and supportive encouragement for our children. Picking up on the key message in the video perhaps a good motto for our junior club would be “We Love to Watch You Play”.


2018 Capital Football Regulations

For the current football regulations provided by Capital Football, please click on the link below.  All coaches are required to have read the Junior Regulations.  If you need assistance in understanding any part of them please contact the Junior Club Captain.