Junior Football – Cancellations and Ground Changes (Saturday, 19 August)

The following team / grades are – CANCELLED

No Cancellations notified (as at 7.00pm)


Following teams have a VENUE and TIME CHANGE:


10th Vipers now Ngatitoa 3 at new times of 11.45am and 12.20pm

11th Hawks now Nairnville turf at 4pm

13th Jaguars now Matthews Park, Raumati Beach. Note that 3rd game has a time change.


First Kicks and Fun Football (7th & 8th grades) to be at Grenada North, 9am as usual.
Please note these grounds are extremely wet, particularly the area you walk across to get onto the main field.


This link to an article published by the Wellington City Council may provide some explanation on why games are being cancelled.

(Page updated 11.00pm Friday)

Wellington Sportsperson of the Year Awards

Congratulations to Kath Henshaw (Tawa AFC, Junior Club Captain), finalist in the Sportsperson of the Year Awards (2017) in the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ category.


Congratulations to the finalists named for the 2017 Wellington Hospitality Group Sportsperson of the Year Awards! The…

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